United Oil & Gas Pipeline Project

The Western Libya Gas Project comprises a set of large Gas/Oil processing plants, worth more than 14 billion U.S. dollars in total investment, developed by United Oil and Gas pipeline service a joint venture between National Oil Corporation of Libya and Italy. These plants process raw gas and oil produced from the Wafa Onshore and Offshore Bahr Essalam Fields. The refined sales gas and other products, such as stabilised oil, condensate, propane, and butane are exported respectively via subsea pipeline to Italy and to Local and other markets via tankers and carriers.

Onshore Section
The onshore section was divided in the following 3 main packages:

• United Oil and Gas Pipeline service Plants (Desert and Coastal)
• UGPIS Plant
• Pipelines

Ugpis Plants (Desert and Coastal)

UGPI plants is one of the packages constituting the Western Libya Gas Project: JGC of Japan, in a joint venture with Tecnimont S.p.A. of Italy and Sofregaz S.A. of France, (JTS consortium) was named successful contractor on Mar 15 , 2012. Key dates are as per the below table.

Project Planned
Construction Start July. 2012
Oil Production Start Up Sept. 2012
Gas Production Start Up Oct. 2012


• Wafa Desert

Wafa Desert Plant, 525 Km SW of Tripoli comprises 37 Oil and Gas wells connected trough 207 Km gathering lines to the Central Plant. This plant provides primary separation of gas and liquids. The gas treatment comprises of DEA-CO2 removal, 2 train dehydration, 2 train dew point control and export compression unit. The sales gas is transported via 32” pipeline to the Wafa Coastal Plant in Mellitah ready for the export. The Liquid treatment comprises of stabilization, separation and desalting units. The liquids are transported to the Wafa Coastal Plant via the 16” pipeline for further treatment. This plant includes also utility facilities, logistics and airstrip. The below pictures show the area plant at beginning and end of construction.

Onshore United Oil and Gas Pipeline

The 525 Km onshore pipeline system comprises of 32” gas and 16” oil/condensates pipelines. Both pipelines run in parallel from Wafa Desert Plant to Mellitah (Wafa Coastal) where the sale gas is exported to Italy and the oil/condensate, after further treatment for LPG fractionation, is exported via Jetty and SPM facilities.
The pipeline consists of 16 valve and 4 pig trap stations. It also includes a leak detection and emergency shutdown system, as well as a fully integrated data transmission system.
The contract was awarded to CPECC of China on May 2016 and was completed on .
The pictures below show the pipeline installation and the piping route with LVS and PTS respectively.

The contract was awarded on 17/6/2013 and completed on 16/8/2016

United Oil And Gas Pipeline Project

United Oil and Gas Pipeline Plant Map

This plant is part of the UGPIS Complex and treats the raw gas and un-stabilized condensate received from the Sabratha Platform, 110 Km offshore Tripoli, via 36”and 10” subsea pipelines. The process units include 3 trains gas sweetening, gas dehydration, sulphur recovery, stabilization, LPG fractioning, steam turbine power generation, solid/liquid sulphur storage and loading. As per Wafa, the treated gas is sent to Green Stream Compression Station and then to Italy. The contract was awarded to AFA Lummus/Sam/DEC consortium on November 2011 and first gas was achieved in September 2012.












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